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In the video, I explain my current project on sustainability: the Small Margin Company. Yet, the theme of my talk is broader than just this example project. The theme of my talk is the new form of social enterprises that tries to make consumers intuitively do right actions, i.e. socially responsible and sustainable actions. It is what the Small Margin Company stands for: providing low-threshold opportunities for consumers to act socially responsible and in a sustainable way.
There are already many organisations that achieve this. Whether it is Tony Chocolonely, Dopper, or the Postcodeloterij, each of these organisations provides products and services that are attractive to the consumer while solving large societal challenges. Each of these organisations have a true purpose in society. The advantage of using businesses to solve societal challenges instead of charities is that businesses must have a profitable business model that is scalable whereas charities have strong dependency donations of philanthropists. Therefore, companies with purpose, i.e. the purpose economy is one of the most effective ways towards a more sustainable community.
I address the purpose economy through my personal experience backed with scientific research from which I have concluded that many people have great intentions but that these good intentions are hardly articulated into sustainable and socially responsible actions. From this perspective, the purpose economy can be of tremendous value as it allows people to act out of self-interest (buying an attractive product) while contirbuting to the common interest (by supporting companies that are sustainable and/or do good in society).
What’s more, using this form of entrepreneurship that utilizes societal issues such as the climate crisis, organisations attract more customers, receive higher customer loyalty, and attract young talents more easily. It provides a hopeful and, foremost, an actionable perspective for the audience at TEDxYouth!

In conclusion, with this presentation, I want to inspire the young generation to strive for purpose, to spend on purpose, and to create their purpose!

[Forthe presentation, I will use data from literature on existing social enterprises together with my experience with starting the Small Margin Company (which will be launched December 2018). ]

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