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Space and Sustainability For a Better World

Using space as enabling resource towards a future society for all.

This includes efforts that meet the SDG (Sustainability Development Goals) set by the UN, for instance end poverty, more health and wellbeing, more opportunities for different genders, affordable and clean energy, enhancing the economy and solutions to climate change and inspiring the future generations.

The “idea” will aim to contribute to awareness of the SDG’s for the betterment of the planet and “connecting people for space + sustainability” and working together “leaving no one behind” to achieve sustainable development through space.

Space Tech is the hope for humanity and we hope not to leave anyone behind. We need to foster dialogues in achieving SDG’s and bridge together.

Thank you.

About Hien:

Languages: English, German, Vietnamese

Areas of Expertise:
Entrepreneurship, Space, Longevity, Functional Medicine, Health and Fitness

Hien was borne in one of the poorest east asian countries Laos, Laos and immigrated 1979 to Germany with her Vietnamese family.

Today she is the CEO & Founder of Hi Performance, Thi Hien Nguyen Consulting and SpaceconneX, Germany.

Best known as ” The Ninja of the 21st century” to her peers, she is a futurist and consultant with a passion for Space, Entrepreneurship, Hi-Tech and Innovation.

Hien is a highly esteemed moonshot thinker, contributor, and leader.

Thi Hien Nguyen (LinkedIn):
Insta: spaceconnex
Insta: hi_performance_center

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