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BEYOND PERSONAL SUFFERING: Is it possible in an unsustainable planet?

Nowadays personal suffering for animals, plants or humans is quite accepted by the society. And sometimes even well seen as an act of empathy. However, have you ever considered whether this personal suffering is useful? Or if this personal suffering is needed to encourage sustainable actions? These questions have been intriguing me for a long time and based on my personal experiments I would say: Not necessarily!
Far beyond trying to avoid our personal suffering, a new perspective will invite you to experience suffering now and here. Since you can live it in real time, this suffering can be understood. Thus, it can be transformed and not needed any more. As a result, these actions for the planet could be finally empowered by joy.

So far, it seems a very abstract concept and perhaps also contradictory. However, with the use of drawings and examples can be clearly understood how it can be applied in everyday situations. These drawings will consist mainly in circles, a big circle which represent our individual awareness of the present experience. And small circles (inside or outside the big circle) which represent the situations, thoughts or feeling of this experience. With these drawings many common real situations can be explained. For example, regarding the new perspective, most people is trying to avoid any suffering situation. This suffering could be represented as a small circles which these people are avoiding inside their awareness (big circle) because they don’t like the feeling. Thus, throwing the small circle away and leaving an empty space in their lives (spotted big circle). Again, the invitation is to welcome again all these thrown away small circles to our awareness, so the our life (big circle) can be completed. Then the peace with us is sure and can be reflected in our actions. Actions fully of joy.

This talk is for anyone; students, employees, families… independently of their religion, believing’s or physical conditions.

“Everyone has the tools to go Beyond Suffering, you only need to open the tool-box!”

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