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Guys its been 5 years that you have been married…when are you going to start your family? Raj you have a great job, good salary, beautiful wife – what is stopping you? Rina actually wants to have her baby….she knows the body clock is ticking…but is scared…what if its a GIRL!! She does not want to go through the same pain and stupid gossips that her
sisters had been through. They were constantly poked by their in- laws to have a boy! Rina & Raj really would not care whether its a boy or a girl, they just want to have their baby. Its the pressure of family that is making them go crazy…Raj’s elder brother had two daughters, his second brother had 1 daughter…no boy in the family!!! So now the expectations were mounting up towards them…only you can do something for the family…only you can carry forward our family name…
Its really ironic how despite we living in the digital age, still majority of people in India give importance to a Male child. Still girl child is considered inferior….Families celebrate and rejoice if a boy is born……on the contrary if its a
birth of a girl – they keep a low profile. Female infanticide is a historic problem in India’s highly patriarchal society, as daughters are often viewed as a burden because of the continuing prevalence of the dowry system. Though during
weddings, the boy’s parents do not talk openly about it but they do not even refuse it. “Its not for us, its for your daughter and son-in-law only” – they make such comments.
There is even a marked difference in the upbringing of boys and girls – he attends the best school, he can goto any college of his choice, buy any vehicle, choose any profession and even marry a girl of his choice!! Whereas for girls – it is limited! However, the new government under Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is attempting to curb the issue
through its Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter) initiative which aims to better enforce laws against prenatal sex determination and ensure access to education for girls.
Thank God its Valentine &Valentina!!! Yess Rina and Raj are celebrating birth of their twins..they are super happy as they had Krishna, God of love & Laxmi, Goddess of wealth both in one shot!
Guys we need to bring about a significant change in our thinking process – we need to practice what we preach, correct ourselves first before pointing fingers at others – healthy people lead to a healthy nation!!

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