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Hi my name is Maria Lulu Ramirez and I am a young entrepreneur that was invited to speak at the TEDxYouth event in Nijmegen, NL, after participating in the Forbes 30 under 30 summit in Amsterdam and giving a speech there.
I develop concepts and menus for restaurants in the Nordic region and soon to start up in England and the United States. When starting up businesses I feel that we, have an advantage over the previous generation being that we now know that smoking kills and cars pollute. That gives us a heads-up when we are doing, well, anything! Therefore I feel it is our responsibility and duty to go green and be as sustainable as possible. Because we have this knowledge  – and knowledge is power. I now have the power to be the most sustainable person on earth. And you do too. So why not? We have the key to green. This earth is right now supporting us with everything we could need. We owe to support not to pollute and ruin our natural resources. I have a lot of views, ideas, plans – and this is what I’m going to be talking about. Entrepreneurship, sustainability and social engagement. Because I believe it is combined – or can be.
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