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The Value(s) behind successful organizations
Why do people believe that governments are necessarily better then corporations in achieving sustainable goals and protecting the environment? This seems to be a widespread misconception. The key to destroying this myth lies in helping people to understand how corporations and governments provide value to the people and how they are funded (profit).
Why do people think that a government is more trustworthy then a corporation?
If we really want to protect humanity against global warming and environmental catastrophes we need to look beyond just making laws and waiting for governments to keep their promises. Helping the environment depends first of all at looking at the values of a society. After we have identified the values that contribute towards achieving environmental goals we need to see how we can amplify them and how to collaborate on a large scale in order to find scientific/technological manifestations of these values. This is the point at which we come back and we look at the differences between a government and a corporation. Which one would be more reliable when it comes to fast and innovative implementation of solutions?

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