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You can better explain something once you experienced it yourself, most of us would agree, right?

So basically my life I’ve been interested in the sustainable development of products and actually the ecosystem that we live in. So I’ve been interested in reducing my footprint on our planet since I was in my early teens. The bigger question is which steps can you take to systemically have more impact on the planet.

One big takeaway is to connect with people beyond their normal expressions, how do you really feel? what’s really going on? What’s the underlying sense of insecurity? That I’ve found by myself two years ago.

How can you solve this internal issue by connecting externally?

With that question I’ve been dealing the last years, helping others and myself with creating a stronger internal connection. On this short talk I will show how we make people feel more certain about themselves.

How we can overcome boredom step by step in your daily life(Add the spice of life).

How you can train your own reward system and of the people around you.

All by examples of what I’ve done wrong and right, what works and didn’t work for people around me and the community that we’ve created.

It all starts with being present, gleansed the rewards of your past and looking around what we can do now to have more positive impact.

Every change we want to make starts within, so even the major world problems shouldn’t bother us too much if we fixed our inner worlds to a certain extent that we don’t blame external circumstances for our problems anymore.

To sum it all up, based on the 25+ working experiences I’ve had, self-employed, employed by someone else and as a volunteer. I noticed that there are three major takeaways for me from those experiences.

That’s exactly what I want to share in Nijmegen January 2019.

Looking forward to see and meet you there!

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