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– The Revolution –

Making a proxy currency as alternative for the euro, dollar or other big scale currency. The scale of a currency is really important. People get paid a lot in the Netherlands here and they give their money out in other countries as they travel a lot. In this way, it’s morally chosen that the tourism industry is a really good industry where more jobs are. In the meanwhile, it’s getting harder to get a job in job fields that actually are seen as good paid jobs here in the Netherlands. The euro is literally drying out in a lot of places in Europe. This means that I want to make an end to this moral and economic crisis, as well as the culture war, by asking local bars, restaurants, gyms, bread, vegetable and meat sellers to get paid in this local fair, sustainable, social based currency.

More information can be found on the global website It’s an disgusted idea, but I see it as serious as the euro. The generation after about 1995 and 2000, that are called the millennials, didn’t grew up in a country with the sphere of a society using only a national scale currency. The continental euro requires banks, while uses no banks, but the principle of PayPal, but then only local.

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From my LinkedIn: Volunteering (intrinsically motivated; not getting paid) to implement the local trust based fair and sustainable circulating proxy currency for the Social TRade Circuit Nederland (STRO) for Eurijn(.nl) in Wageningen e.o. and currently for ParelBrabant(.nl) in West Noord-Brabant up to and including Tilburg. Constantly sharing the e-book with international people: Next to giving leaflets in (local) gyms and pubs and explaining it to (national and international) authorities and friends, I’m having contact with Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (, Finance for One Planet, Good Finance (, ONS Geld (, Academy Economy Transformers ( and more to make this currency a local, national and global option.

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